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Brief Q&A with Shpend Ahmeti

July 26, 2010

Shpend Ahmeti, economics professor, executive director of policy analysis group Gap and owner of a sports bar in Pristina, provided us with an important perspective as an economics expert. Here are a few choice questions that he helped us answer during our stay in Kosovo.

Students of the World: What does it mean to be in transition in Kosovo?

Shpend Ahmeti: It means that we basically Kosovo wants to have quality of life like everyone else in the region, like everyone else in Europe. We don’t want nothing more or nothing less than any other normal country. I think the people and population of Kosovo have struggled for a long time to be where we are today so basically we just want to have dreams like everyone else does. Not just in the Balkans but in Europe in general.

SOW: What are some unique aspects that allow Kosovo to navigate the obstacles of a country in transition?

SA: I would say that the biggest asset that Kosovo has is our youth … The youth has] the energy that you want to see in a young country, where they really want to give their contribution for success. If the people believe in the future of the country; if the people want their country to succeed  — this is going to happen one way or another, regardless of the obstacles along the way.

SOW: Where do you draw this optimism from?

SA: It’s probably because of the life that we lived in the past. When you compare Kosovo today to where it was in the ‘90s it’s a 180 … degrees shift … You have to get that energy because when you lived in those difficulties; when you lived through conflict; when you lived through intervention; when you lived through international protectorate; when you lived through all these things at such a young age, of course you are going to have the energy. And now you are just trying to show to everyone else that you are normal.

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